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Free Article Rewriter Tool

Find The Best Article Rewriter Tool with Search Volume Data In Few Seconds

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Free Article Rewriter Tool (Explained):

Are you a writer or a blogger who wants to do keyword research before you create content? And are you on a budget? If yes, then look no further than the free Keyword Research Tool by H-Supertools because of several reasons.
It’s 100% free, easy-to-use, and highly accurate. Our keyword finder uses Google Autosuggestions to generate a list of related keywords for any topic in any niche. The algorithm helps you get the best keywords for your website or blog.
And it’s the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner, and it’s because the data is directly coming from Google. Read on to delve into the tool in detail right now.

Free Article Rewriter Tool – The Best Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Google has a free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner to know the exact phrases people use. You cannot see the actual monthly search volume with the Keyword Planner. For that, you may need to run an AdWords campaign.
And that costs you money, and however, it should not put you off the tool. Since you can do the keyword research in H-Supertools, you can get almost the exact monthly search volume for your keywords.
The Keyword Planner can be free if you ‘create an account without a campaign.’ But then it requires a lot of clicks. The best alternative to finding your keywords is sifting through our Keyword Research Tool. It has a lot of valuable features we’ll reveal later.

How The Article Rewriter Tool Works

Google Autosuggest or Autocomplete is an extremely valuable feature of Google Search. The purpose is to speed up the search process for the users. Our Keyword Research Tool helps you hone the power of Autosuggest in seconds.
Well, you need to use our tool because it speeds up the process and saves you time. It also gives you many metrics, such as CPCs or volumes, to determine which keywords to prioritize.
Are you a blogger, digital nomad, or business owner? If so, the only way you’re going to succeed is by making people visit your website or blog. And the best method to do it is creating content around the words people use to search for a query.